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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 30, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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breaking news. police close in on a suspected cop killer surrounding the house of the map they believe may be responsible for the shooting deaths of four police officers. >> we do know that this was a targeted, this was more of an execution. tiger woods calls his car accident a private matter after missing a third chance to speak with investigators about the late night crash. >> there's one down in front of my house. >> but there are still questions about the incident and about his supposed links to a well-known socialite. crying foul. an exclusive look at the new report of the safety of the chicken we eat. >> it's a dirty industry and needs to be cleaned 37. >> we'll show what tests reseal. and it's cyber monday.
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get toward double click your way to savings. we'll show you where the best deals are early this monday we'll show you where the best deals are early this monday morning november 30th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith. hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend. >> did you get some rest? >> i did. i was in south florida and it was cold. it was in the low 60s. so it was very nice. how but you? >> you struggled through somehow. we have a lot of news to get through this morning. we begin with breaking news out of washington state. the hunt for the man who police believe ambushed and killed four officers at a coffee house on sunday. cbs news correspondent john blackstone is in parkland, washington with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. well, it eat deadliest attack ever on police in this state. four officers gunned down
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without warning at a coffee house just down the street here. an intense man hunt oig has been underway all night for a suspect with a very violent past. throughout the night, s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a help near seattle looking for 37-year-old maurice clemmons. detectives say he's a suspect in the murders of four lakewood, washington police officer, sergeant mark renninger and officers ronald owen, tina griswold and greg richards were at this local coffee shop catching up on pap l. paperwork early sunday when a gun man entered and started firing. >> we do know this was targeted, this was more of an excuse, walked in with the specific mind of shooting police officers. >> reporter: despite being taken by surprise, one officer did return gunfire. >> one of them managed to fight his way with the suspect respect wrestle, fight all the way out the doorway up he was shot and died of a gunshot wound. >> reporter: as for maurice clemson, he's had at least 13
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felony convictions in arkansas and washington state. but he was facing eight more felony charges, including assault on an officer and child rape. but last week, he was freed on $15,000 bond. the four lakewood police officers were all veterans of the small department. they range in age from 37 to 42. between them, they leave behind nine children. harry? >> john blackstone? washington this morning. thanks. joining us now is detective ed sloier, spokes person for the pierce county sheriff's office. good morning. >> good morning. >> give me the latest information you can share with us this morning on the situation with this suspect maurice clemmons. >> well, we are calling him a suspect now. he's no longer a person of interest. we also have determined that he was shot during the incident when he killed the four police officers, one of them did fire off some rounds. we believe our suspect has been shot and he does have a wound, possibly a severe wound.
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he did not go get medical treatment through our investigation, it's led us to another residence in the city of seattle where a tactical operation is under way by the seattle police department now. hopefully to get him put in to custody without anybody else getting hurt. >> do you have a sense whether or not he is still alive? >> we don't know if he's still alive. if he isn't, it's going to be because he succumbed it to the wound that he received yesterday when he was in the struggle with the police officer that managed to get a hot h. shot fired off at him before he was killed. >> detective, thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. maggie? >> now to the latest on tiger woods. the world's number one golfer is maintaining his silence after issuing and online statement on sunday and canceling three police enter trues about the late night accident that he was involved in. randall pinkston is in wind mere, florida with the latest this morning. >> reporter: good morning. in a story driven by rumor, the latest has 20 do with a report
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that authorities may be looking in to obtaining a search warrant to go into tiger woods' home to see if indeed the injuries that he have received were sustained in a car accident. this morning the florida highway patrol says cbs news that they have made no statement to any news organization concerning a search warrant. meanwhile, woods remains in his home behind this gated community saying on his website that he assumes responsibility for the accident, adding, i'm human. i'm not perfect. it was the car crash heard round the world because the sole occupant was the world's most famous gfler, 33-year-old tiger woods. after two days of silence, woods spoke out for the first time on his website. he called the accident a private matter, denunsing what he called the many false, unfounded and malicious rumorses that are currently circumstance lail lating about my family and me. one of those rumor, that woods and his wife had argued before he left home at 2:30 friday morning and crashed into a thab's tree in a wealthy gated
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community near orlando. >> i need an ambulance. i have someone down in front of my house. >> reporter: police say there was no alcohol involved in the accident. these tmz photos were taken shortly after woods' wife, police say, broke the suv windows with a golf club and pulled woods out of the driver's seat. in his statement, woods praised his wife saying she was the first person to help me. any other assertion is absolutely false. woods was apparently reacting to unconfirmed reports that his wife was angry because of a story in the "national enquirer" that woods was dating new york party girl rachel ucatel. she deny it is but had little to say when cbs cameras caught up with her. the "national enquirer's" managing editor says his paper stands by their report that she and woods had an affair and was seen in the same hotel in melbourne, australia, where woods attended a golf tournament. >> this is an investigation that took us several weeks. obviously she's caught up in a scandal now of global proportion
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and is trying to pack pedal on her story. >> reporter: cbs news obtained these exclusive pictures of investigators entering woods' home to question him about the accident. but for the third day, woods and his wife refused to talk. his attorney provided woods' driver's license, registration and proof of sthurps, which is all that is required under florida law. left unanswered, why woods ran over a fire hydrant and into a tree? what happened that september him out of his house at 2:30 in the morning? later this week, tiger woods is scheduled to host the chef ron world tournament, that's a golf tournament that benefits his charitable foundations, it is held in california. so far there's no word on whether woods will play in the tournament or if, indeed, he will even appear for a news conference scheduled for tomorrow. maggie? >> rantal pink son in wind mere, florida. thank you so much. joining us now from wlaenks is lisa bloom. lisa, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with the latest. p this report from tmz this morning, that investigators may
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go after the medical records from the hospital that treated tiger after the accident to see if his injuries were consistent with domestic violence, to sfee they're consistent with his wife attacking him. in order on obtain a warrant for those records, don't they need to show probable cause that a crime was committed? >> yes, they do. but that's a very low legal standard. they just have to have some reasonableable suspicion, some reason to believe that there was a domestic violence incident. and they have an obligation to pursue an investigation of domestic violence, but having said that, if there's no complaining witness, if tiger woods is standing by his wife as he appears to be, i don't see a domestic violence investigation going very far. >> so then how do we explain why police have been so persist tent in trying to talk to him when under florida law he's not required to make a statement? >>ent in trying to talk to him when under florida law he's not required to make a statement? >>ent in trying to talk to him when under florida law he's not required to make a statement? >> he is required to notify the police immediately after an accident causing $500 or more in damage. it was $5,000 in damage to his suv we understand. he was excused for that when he
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was incapacitated and in the.once he improved, he was required to make a report. that took some time. he's done that through his attorneys. he's not required to give a further statement. but he has made three appointments with the police and postponed or canceled all three of those appointments, probably because his attorney don't want him to speak any further. no decent criminal defense attorney would wapts their client to talk. also, if he is so -- >> but why if he has nothing to hide? i don't get that. if he has mog to hide, why wouldn't they want him to tell the police what happened? >> well, no criminal defense attorney wants their client to talk whether they're innocent or guilty. it just gives the police more information. anything you say can and will be used against you. that's the theory here. that's the theory in every case. also, if he has scratches or bruises, they want time for those to heal so he doesn't have to answer questions about them if indeed they did a rise from domestic violence. >> and and i had like to ask you about the woman at the center of infidelity allegations surrounding tiger woods. rachel has denied that they were involved.
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she has hired gloria allred, who we i should say is your mother. why would she feel the need to retain an attorney? >> gone the answer to that. i know she has denied having an affair with tiger woods. i would assume that there's no reason that my mom would get involved if that's the entire story, simply denying any involvement. there has to be more to this story, so stay tuned. i think more will be coming out on that very shortly. >> we sure will stay tuned. lisa bloom, thank you very much. >> thank you. so many twists and attorney turn trs what started as a simple car accident. >> seemed like. we'll talk about some of the financial -- potential financial repercussions for tiger woods, but right now, russ mitchell is in at the news desk. good morning. the recession may be easing in this country, but dubai's debt troubles show the world economic crisis is not over yet. today we see how wall street reacts. kelly wallace is at the new york stock exchange with the latest.
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>> reporter: european stocks were down today, a sign of continued anxiety following news a major dubai company couldn't repay $60 billion in debt. that will be in the mix here today, but so will some positive news. americans spent $41 billion this holiday weekend. that's up slightly over last year. the volume of shoppers opening up their wallets for black friday bargains exceeded expect stations. on average, each shopper spent nearly 8% less versus a year ago. >> it will definitely be a higher profit season than what we saw in holiday 2008. >> reporter: there's also good news today for the 14% of american homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments or in had foreclosure. the obama administration is expected to noins new policies that whether pressure mortgage
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companies to do more to modify troubled loans. >> anything that can be done by the obama administration to ease oral lay concerns and fears about further mortgage defaults i think will be received very positively by the market. >> reporter: and part of the program involves naming lenders who don't do must have to help in the hopes of shaming them into doing more. russ? >> kelly wallace, thank you very much. after months of deliberation, president obama is ready to reveal his plan for the war in afghanistan. in a speech tomorrow night, he is expected to announce he's sending in 35,000 more u.s. troops and he'll outline an exit strategy for american forces. iran's 3rd is defending the decision to defy the u.n. over it nuke rear program. sheila macvicar has the latest from london. >> reporter: criticized for behaving more like apunruely teenager than a world power,
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ahmadinejad said they construct ten enrichment plants. days after the watch dog demanded a freeze on all uranium enrichment activity, iran announced its intention to dramatically expand its program. >> the organization has two months to start construction of five of them. >> reporter: a decision the head of the country's nuclear program said today was taken in direct response to the u.n.'s rebuke. the white house called the plan another violation of iran's obligationses warning time is running out for iran to address growing concerns about its nuclear program. but could this be more bluff than threat? >> the idea that they can build ten more of these large enrichment plants just isn't believable. >> reporter: any new plants could take years to build, but amid a dead lock with negotiations saying they had reached a dead he said, iran is likely to face new deadliness and further sanctions. russ? >> sheila macvicar in london. thank you very much. the price of the 12 days of christmas items have risen
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slightly this year. it would cost more than $87,000 for all the gifts in the song beginning with the partridge in a pear tree. that's up $794 from last year. mostly because of the higher price of those five golden rings. you know what else had get you this year? the five ladies dancing. $5400 a performance. >> with unemployment as high as it is, it would be easier to get some of the dancers. the one thing that con founds me is the geese a laying. >> or the mai ds a milking. >> can't you go to costco? >> and where do you get good lords a leaping? >> i don't think sam's club has those. >> i'm hoping that we can get a good forecast this morning. lonnie quinn is in for dave price. >> we're certainly paying must have for it. >> let's talk about the weather because here's how we see it. when you look at the whole cup, it's the last day in november. it's pretty mild with the exception up around the great
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lakes. there's a cold front for the east coast. rain, but not a lot of it, maybe about a quarter of an inch in that area. the storm i'm keeping my eye owe is a low pressure system around new mexico. today it's not a big player. we're looking at a little bit of mountain snow, a little bit of rain, but as it pushes to the east tr east, it gets stronger and stronger. by friday, t make it a great day wherever
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you are. coming up next, the whous party crashers rbts talking, but their fremds are. we'll find out what they're saying. plus, an early show exclusive. a warping about the chicken you buy at the grocery store. what you can't see could very well hurt you. and will tiger woods' fender-bender put a department in his billion dollar image? you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪
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we turn to the security breach still causing shockwaves in washington. the secret service has reportedly interviewed the couple behind the state dinner scandal, but the couple isn't speaking out publicly. not yet. as they are allegedly looking for a big pay day. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. their friends are talking all right. and so is everyone else.
7:20 am
but then michaele and tareq salahi probably don't object to that because they've always sought publicity. friends of the now notorious pair don't think the salahis knew that their evening at the white house would cause such an uproar, but that they're probably delighted with the attention. >> they're the most talked about couple in the whole world right now. >> reporter: the salahis told friends they were on the white house guest list. >> my understanding is that they have e-mails and that they have correspondence that say that they were supposed to be there. >> reporter: the salahis, who are in seclusion, were scheduled to tell their story on tan's larry king live oig, but that interview has since been scrapped. >> television executives have told some of my colleagues as well as other news organizations that the salahis are seeking a six figure deal. >> reporter: and now some members of congress are calling for charges to be brought. >> you have to accepted a strong deter represent.
7:21 am
>> reporter: the secret service has admitted if made mistakes, but several people who taemded wednesday night's dinner suggest the agency shouldn't shoulder all the blame. . because the white house was also at fault. >> procedure would have dictated that someone from the social office should have been at the door. these are the people who recognize the people on the guest list. >> reporter: well, secret service says no charges pending, at least not yet. and the salahis remain in hiding at least until somebody comes up with real money. harry? >> it is all about the real money. bill plante, thank you so much. and that will happen, i'm sure. still to come, the damage was only a few thousand dollars to the car. what about to tiger woods' endorsement career? we'll talk about that our next half hour. in respect this portion of "the early show" sponsored by prevacid 25 24 hour, when you've had it with heartburn. uld hook . i mean look at him - he is really bringing it.
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there's no such thing as cyber monday when this song was recorded, but you're looking at a live picture this morning from the warehouse where they are anticipating a massive, massive day today. we'll give you an inside look at how that all works in just a little while as we welcome you back to "the early show." >> so far it looks okay, but later today i have a feeling it might be like an episode of i love lucy with the boxes just coming way too fast on that belt. and can i just note, it must be the holidays because we now with fancy pillows on the sofa. >> holiday pillows. >> it's the little things that excite me, people. i just think it's address doorable. also ahead this morning, another
7:31 am
"early show" exclusive. consumer report which is tests everything from cars to household products has tested chicken from grocery stores across the country and found that the majority of all the chicken for sale, 2/3 of all chicken carries some kind of food-born disease. >> a cautionary tale to be sure. first, though, tiger woods is the highest paid athlete of all time. but has he put his endorsements on the line by issuing only a written statement about his car crash? bianca solorzano is here with the rest of that story. >> well, sponsors have had a long love affair with tiger woods, but that may have come to a crashing halt last friday. >> reporter: so far the only statement released from tiger woods on friday's car crash has been on his website. but his refusal to speak openly has only fueled further speculation about what really happened. many experts say tiger should take a cue from other celebs who
7:32 am
have come clean to save that came priors such as david ladier man. >> i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. >> reporter: and kobe bryant. >> i'm so sorry. >> in this case silence is a big mistake. sponsors are probably nervous. at the very least, they can't be happy with all this speculation. >> reporter: and there is much at stake for his career. information estimates that the combined endorsement trs brands such as nike and his golf course design business pushed woods across the $1 billion mark in career earnings, making him the first athlete ever to do so. but now with his tipped silence and as the rumors swirl, the question is whether one small fender-bender will put the first real dent in a business empire known as tirg inc. now, remember, woods is only 33 years old. he is easily projected to have at least another 15 years of competitive golf in him. and then decades of designing
7:33 am
golf courses. so there is a lot of earning potential at play right now. >> thank you so much. joining us now is public relations specialist ken sunshine. good morning. you've represented many very, very important clients over the years. if tiger woods were to call you today, what advice would you give him? >> you should have called me a couple of days ago. that would be the first communication. no, i think, you know, he is -- it's the perfect storm. his people mishandled it. >> you really feel that way? >> yeah. mr. perfect is never mr. perfect. and they're not used to this kind of thing and usually they've clamped up on everything with tiger forever. and they don't make him accessible, they don't have him talk. anybody they sue all the time anybody that writes anything untrue. >> is that true? >> they've had many lawsuits against tab lieds. often, and i think it's great,
7:34 am
by the way, i'm usually the one that's considered overprotective of my clients. don't let the media, if you consider the tabloid media -- >> so they've handled him perfectly until this moment. >> they handled him perfectly unless something like this had would happen. and putting that clamp around, mr. perfect is never mr. perfect. i think the worst thing they did -- two bad things. one is they stone walled the cops. it looks like they're protecting something. talk to the cops. legally they hey not have to. talk to the cops. secondly, that bizarre statement -- >> the other part of that, though, is if you talk to the cops, that just adds to who might leak what, who might say with a to whom. it creates a bigger trail. >> rue. but if you don't talk to the cops the way he did, that made the media go away and then they release three days too late a bizarre statement kind of admitting, i think, that he did something, something bad happened, but being very vague.
7:35 am
is there a less media interest because of that statement? the whole goal in dealing with these thingses is to try to make it go away. david letterman didn't make them go away, but he sure diffused it and he did it right away. you into to the act right away in these kind of things. they stone walled it. and i think mishandled it. >> he's the first billion dollar athlete, if you are an advertiser and you may have concerns from whatever has transpired over the last couple of days, is tiger woods any less marketable than he was a half a week ago ? >> possibly. some of these straight arrow advertisers may be nervous at the very least, but if they handle it right, it could help him. humanizing somebody is not the worst thing. nobody's perfect. but they did a bad job for 722 hours in not dealing with it and let's see what happens now. i think what's happening is the lawyers are telling him not to talk and the agents. and they don't know anything about this. they also don't know anything about the digital age of the
7:36 am
news business. a sleepy thanksgiving weekend, we on which try to bury stories in the old days. ain't no such thing asleep pi anymore. it twitters even more on a what i zi -- people like me are bored, as much as i love my family, i want to see this stuff. who wasn't following the tiger saga this weekend? >> all weekend long. thanks for stopping by this morning. lonnie has got a look at our weather this morning on this monday morning. good morning, lonnie. >> good morning to you. a nice crude heowd here in the . i have three sisters here. >> rita from ohio. >> another sister. elane from michigan. >> and another. >> beverly from virginia. >> my ohio resident and my michig michigan resident, what do you do when it's ohio state versus mitch? >> i root for ohio state. >> you're going to get exiled. receipts ta let's talk about what we see. there's a good sized storm brewing. tomorrow it gets stronger as it
7:37 am
pushes in to texas, louisiana, maybe one to three inches of rain, but then wednesday, heavier rain, stronger winds for the southeast. and then it curbs towards the northeast. we'll keep an eye on that one. the bigger picture shows us it is the last day of november and it is relatively mild from one end of the country to the other. coldest air up around feel like i'm on my promise date here.
7:38 am
>> i'm the adopted sister. >> there tough. let's get over to you. up next, you've had the turkey. now it's time for the chicken. but hold off until you see our exclusive report. we'll take a look at some disturbing findings about how the chicken that you buy at the store could make you sick. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ their hopes are as different as their headquarters. their styles as unique as their strategies. for 200 years, the hartford has helped... businesses of all kinds... protect themselves today. and prepare their employees for tomorrow. visit to learn more. and with the hartford behind you, achieve what's ahead of you. ♪
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a new suddendy by consumer reports takes an in-depth look at the save different which i can than we buy in the grocery store. susan koeppen has obtained the results and she's here to share them. consumer reports tested whole chickens for two types of bacteria that can make you very sick. the results may surprise you. >> reporter: from the farm to the factory to the family table, in the u.s., chicken is one popular protein. but just how safe are those birds we're eating? according to consumer report, not safe enough. >> it's a dirty industry and it needs to be cleaned up. >> reporter: consumer reports purchased 382 raw whole broiler chickens from more than 100 stores in 22 states.
7:42 am
and tests for salmonella and a dangerous bacteria called campylobacter. >> in our finding, nearly 2/3 of the chickens that we tested had one or both pathogens. >> reporter: 62% of the bird z had some level of capmp. 14% had same nil la, 9% had both. only 34% of the chickens were completely clean of both pathogens. >> you complaint see these pathogens, so you must assume that any piece of rof raw meat you're hams has some level on it. >> they sampled it from chicken apother foods ineffect 3.3 million americans. hospitalized over 26,000. and kill more than 650 every year. >> i think it was the most painful thing i've ever experienced.
7:43 am
>> reporter: 13-year-old anna blames undercooked chicken tenders for her battle with salmonella. she's now a more careful eater. >> with meat, i always check to make sure that it's done to my liking. >> reporter: the national chicken council, which represents which i can even producers in the united states said in a statement to cbs news, like all fresh foods, raw chicken may have some micro organisms present, but these are destroyed by the heat of normal cooking. the industry does an excellent job in providing safe, wholesome food to american consumers. but consumer reports says more needs to be done before chickens ever reach the store. >> the government needs to take a look at what measures work, what measures don't, and need to step up the standard so is that less contaminated birds are sold to consumers over all. >> reporter: the most recent tests by the usda showed lower numbers than the consumer reports tests for both pathogens. chicken processors must obey
7:44 am
specific rules on salmonella, but no federal standards for camp low plaquer currently exist and the presence of bacteria does not mean you will automatically get sick. >> so let's talk about ways to prevent getting sick. when we go to the store, what should we look for? >> buy your meat last and grab some bags from the produce department and peck up your chicken in the baggy and then future it maybe at the bottom underneath the cart when you're shopping. that wait liquid doesn't spill and you don't spully have to touch anything. and keep it in your baggy when you bring it home and put it in the frimg. >> and when take you it home and you're hamming it? >> have a cooking board that's specifically designated for raw meat. you only use it for raw meat. and consumer reports says don't rinse your chicken in the kitchen sink. most of us do. >> where else would you rinse it? >> they say take a pot of water if you immediate to and dip the chicken, but if urinesing it in the sink, they say there's a chance that it can splash and actually spread the juices. >> and what about when you're
7:45 am
cooking the chicken? >> when you're cooking, make sure your chicken is cooked to at least 165 degrees. and you should be fine. use a meat thermometer. and put it in the thigh of the chicken. >> all right, happening you. great stuff as always. you can check out the entire consumer reports test results on our website. et's early fp. up next, cyber monday today. we'll let you know how to find the bargains a an how to protect yours personal information as we look live at the warehouse in phoenix, arizona. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: health watch brought it to you by restasis. 0.035 5%.
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7:49 am
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8:00 am
a thanksgiving day massacre leads to a manhunt as police hook for a man they say opened fire on his own family. we'll talk to the father of the youngest victim, a 6-year-old girl. cyber monday mania. as nearly 100 million people scour the internet looking for deals. >> this year retailers know that price is paramount to the shopper. >> we'll show you where you can still get a great deal and how to keep your personal information safe while shopping online. and every morning i talk the talk. today i get to walk the walk. >> are you smiling or not? >> you can snil or you can smile with your eyes. >> my special visit to the victoria secret fashion show early this monday morning victoria secret fashion show early this monday morning november 30th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs
8:01 am
hard to believe tomorrow is december because takes xwlor yus monday morning here in new york city. welcome back to the early show. i'm maggie rodriguez along with harry smith and our friends from ohio, michigan, san diego, and upstate new york. i hope i got everybody. and denver. and denver. and have a a. well, i was close. a lot of states to remember. >> also ahead this morning, a camera, a cell phone, and chocolate of the month club. these are just some of the perfect holiday gifts we'll show you each under $100. may i stop one second? so i saw you on the cat walk for the victoria secret models. is there something more we're going to see from that segment? >> you will see them. and this is further incentive for to you watch the segment. you're going to see made advice a miller, miranda kerr and heidi
8:02 am
klum walk the cat walk. just did a teeny tiny little nothing. no, none of that. >> here's russ with today's top stories. good morning. seattle police have a suspected cop killer surrounded inside a house this morning, but he's wounded and may even be dead. police negotiators have been trying to communicate with the suspect. 37-year-old maurice clemmons. but so far no response. police say clemmons shot and killed four officers at a coffee shop in a community south of seattle yesterday. this morning more than 30 years after nazi hunter found him in ohio, john demjanjuk went on trial in germany. the 89 yard was a guard at a nazi camp in world war ii. is he charged with helping kill nearly 28,000 jews. it was a near tragedy at the los angeles mall when a holiday ariel performance went terribly wrong. it was part of a show called hungky is an it and the candy cane girls.
8:03 am
a woman was hanging upside down with hundreds watching when she slipped. she fell 40 feet to the mall floor. injuring her pelvis and one wrist. she is hospitalized this morning and is expected to recover. this is cyber monday. the big day to do holiday shopping online. early show national correspondent hattie careful man is at the am pa warehouse in phoenix. >> reporter: this is santa's warehouse. it take a look at this gigantic facility. amazon has 20 just like it and they are scrambling today to fill cyber monday orders. ♪ monday, monday ♪ so good to me >> reporter: no, it's not as picture resk as little shop in the snow, but warehouses across the country are running full tilt. >> online retailers are really trying to draw customerses to their websites much like retailers are trying to bring people into stores. >> reporter: more than 96 mill one people are expected to shop
8:04 am
online today. searching and scanning for deals. and companies like are ready to show they can compete with big brick and mortar stores. >> this year retailers know that price is paramount to the shopper. >> it's limited almost 90% of online retailers will have some sort of promotion today from free shipping to deep discounts. >> reporter: while traditional retail sales rose half of 1% over thanksgiving weekend, online sales are already up 11% over last year. proof that many are satisfying their shopping fix with internet clicks. the cyber monday sales may expire at midnight, but experts expect there to be discounts throughout the holiday season. hattie kauffman, cbs news, phoenix, arizona. it is now 8:04 on this cyber monday. lonnie quinn is filling in for dave today. he's outside with another check of the weather. hello, lonnie. good morning, everybody. i was just talking with a nice gal from upstate new york.
8:05 am
>> yes, rochester. >> and you said you picked the perfect weekend to come to new york city. >> we did. it was lovely. >> beautiful, the shopping was great, weather cooperate have been better. i got to tell you, rochester, buffalo, it all changes for you guys i think come thursday in to the weekend. i see snow out there for you. here's the big picture. it is quiet and beautiful from the plains to the rockies, west companies, sunshine overhead. temperatures on the mild side. that big l you see around new mexico, well, get ready around upstate new york, because that will make it push to the east and then up to the northeast. so it's just light rain, maybe a little bet of snow for new mexico. heavier still on wednesday. and then, yes, puff low, rochester, a snow event for you at the end of the week. that's a quick look at the
8:06 am
snrz this weather report sponsored by mercedes-benz. hurry in to the winter event going on now. thank you guys for dropping by here. that will do it out here. maggie, inside to you. this morning the manhunt for a suspect accused in a thanksgiving day family massacre in florida has expamded to the midwest after he reportedly contacted a doctor in michigan. michael marriage is accused merhige is accused of opening fire on a thanksgiving dinner. joining us this morning from jupiter is jim sitton, the
8:07 am
father of the youngest victim, vels the police chief. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. >> jim, i'd like to begin with you and offer our condolences for the loss of your beautiful 6-year-old daughter. she was i know the most innocent of victims here. she had already gone to sleep, was asleep in her we had when bed when she was targeted? >> yes, we had put her down, had a nice intimate moment with her and as we put her to bed and she had been asleep for maybe an hour when everything started. >> michael merhige is your wife's cuss in. i know there had been some bad blood between imand other family members in previous years. you hadn't seen him for 15 years. but you decided to invite him to your home for thanksgiving any way.
8:08 am
why? >> first of all, the shooter's name was paul merhige. michael merhige is the father of the shooter. >> i'm very, very sorry. >> that's fine. and i didn't personally invite paul to the gathering. we were supposed to be a gathering of 16 and at the last minute, his father, michael merhige, you hear him on the phone saying, paul's coming, we need directions. and i didn't think anything of it. i thought, okay, well, i haven't heard anything bad about paul. i haven't seen him in 12, 14 years. i haven't heard any bad stories in like over ten years. so the thought was, okay, i guess he's doing great, he's family, gave him directions. p. >> a and i know everything was fine occurring dipper. you say you saw month warning signs for him, but after dinner, he went out to the car and got the gufrps. now that you think back, do you think that he had 134 planned all along and just sat through
8:09 am
the dinner or do you think that somebody caused him to snap? >> he definitely had it planned. he sat two people away from me at the dinner table as we ate thanksgiving dinner and i joked around with him, there was no arguing, there was no verse sai shal -- we weren't arresting politicses or religion. we were just enjoying thanksgiving. there were no red flags. there were no -- he wasn't moody or angry or -- no red flags went up in my head whatsoever. >> let me bring in the chief. paul merhige has not been seen since the shooting. any idea where he might be? >> we're continuing to follow up some leads and tips that we have. of course we're asking the public to keep calling if you you know anything about this person to give us a call and even if you think it's just a small thing, call us, let us work through it, and we're
8:10 am
continuing to follow-up some leads. >> you have no idea where he is? >> i'm really not at liberty to talk about specifically where we are with some of these things. as you know, we're working with the u.s. marshal service. i have spoken directly with the director of the marshall service and he assures me that they're going to bring every resource that she have available. i'm confident we will apprehend him. >> all right, chief, thank you. jim, thank you again. and our condolences once again to your family. >> thank you. now let's go over to you, harry. >> so sad. all right. thanks. up next, it is cyber monday. so how safe is to buy online? we'll ask our consumer correspondent susan koeppen when we come back. ♪ ♪
8:11 am
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8:14 am
i've been waiting for this all weekend. "ask it early" with susan koeppen hear to answer your cyber monday questions. good morning. >> between morning. >> you're ready with answers. >> i am, always. >> i want to start with a question about today and especially about safety. let's take a look. >> good morning. this is bill from dallas. listen, i'm going to do some online shopping this holiday season. i'm really curious, how secure is my information once i enter it on the web? >> very good question. >> it is a good question. nearly 100 million people will be shopping just today. the internet is very, very safe. but use some common sense. so go to trusted sites, big named companies that you know are legitimate. sometimes scammers try to set up websites that look like other big named companies sglp that
8:15 am
happened to us over the weekend. i got one of those bank things where it said there's been too much activity. and this is from a year ago that stuff was running around. i got one over the weekend. >> so that's one thing you have to be careful about. but also when you are about to buy something, look up at the top before the e-mail address and make sure it says https. s for security. and also bottom right corner, should you see a little padlock sometimes. that will always let you know it's a secure site. by and large, great to shop online. usually pretty safe. i would probably not recommend using a wireless network if you're sitting in the aerpt or at a coffee shop. but if you're 00 on a secure site, hey, why not. >> there you go. let us go on to another question. this had one hone has been e-ma us. with many big sales being advertised already, am i really going to see much better buys as the holiday shopping season moves forward? good question.
8:16 am
or shy just take advantage of sales being offered right now? >> everybody is saying shop now because inventory is low. so if you see something, you like it, the price is right, buy it. otherwise it may not be there down the road. some toys are already selling out. some other products are selling out. so if you see it now, you like it, it's a good idea to buy it. >> and you'll notice when you go in the stores, there are fewer things offered at certain stores. >> and the row r. etailers know they'll keep their inventory low. >> we start off -- we have a question about advertisements on your cell phone. >> hi, i'm janet from california. i have a question about advertising on cell phones. how can we go about stopping that? >> that's really kind of annoying, isn't it? so first thing you should do, if you get an advertise opt your cell phone and you don't want it, contact your carrier, head them know the day, the time, who it came from.
8:17 am
but also try to avoid things like buying ring tones or buying jokes of the day if you're not buying them from trusted sites. once you buy stuff like that, your number can get out there and spread around. >> and it will grow. all right. susan, thank you very much. if you would like to send susan or any of our early show family a question, all you need to do is go to our website, early show dath up next, victoria secret models, maggie and runway. when we come back. l-
8:18 am
8:19 am
big night tomorrow. the annual victoria secret fashion show. the big party features sexy you said wear, beautiful models and performances by some heavy hitters of the music world. i got a sneak peek behind the
8:20 am
scenes and a lesson to boot. ♪ if you are what you say you are, a super tar ♪ >> reporter: with armys of hair and makeup teams primping and the pink carpet buzzing, the victoria secret angels descend on the big apple for one of fashion's biggest nights. >> the fashion show is just larger will not than life. it's a huge thing to be a part of. >> it's a fun time of year and something that we all really look forward to. >> reporter: it's a spectacle full of surprises. the black eyed peas are performing. >> are they going to give you a little boom boom? >> they better. i think we're all looking for that. >> it's great to have the live music. it really gets the energy going in the room. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: and famous angel marissa miller is wearing this year's most expensive piece of lingerie. >> what was it like to be chosen to wear the $3 million bra?
8:21 am
>> there's only one every year and it's always a big part of the fashion show. so to be chosen was a huge honor. >> reporter: but the biggest surprise comes courtesy of heidi klum. you had a baby just five weeks ago. how is she and how are you? >> she's fabulous, i'm fabulous. i feel great. were the are the new addition to her family, she was supposed to sit this one out, but to everyone's surprise, the 36-year-old mother of four decided to hit the runway. >> it's my 12th year and it's fun. >> reporter: just hours before the main event, i got a cat walk less on that from one of victoria secret's most famous angel, miranda kerr. >> i'm going to give you a few little tips to really work it. when you feel that music right before you go on, take you a breath and you embrace it, you enjoy yourself. and then you really just walk you and you ahead a little bit of the hips. a little bit sexy, but totally in the moment. you're here to have fun. flash someone a smile and off
8:22 am
you go. just really kind of know it, like you know -- >> are you smiling or not? >> you can smile or you can smile with your ice. i might give a wink or some people give kisses. >> i want to watch you first and then i'll try. >> okay. ♪ >> can we get a little boom boom pow? >> yeah, this is good. ♪ %. >> a little sex city move to the camera. oh, yeah. she's on fire. >> you've got your wings, baby. >> draw. >> boom boom pow. >> not right that they made me stand next to those women. they're very nice, though. and i thank the ladies. p but have you seen them? i'm a little shrimp and they're like 5'10". but it was fun. >> you were working it. >> she had just gotten her spray tan and the show was a you for a hours away, so she couldn't mess
8:23 am
it up. >> were you you tempted at all to go out with wipgs on? >> are you crazy? i would never to that to you will of a you. you can catch the ( sighs )
8:24 am
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8:30 am
'tis the season. ice skating is central park is one of the great wonderful new york city winter traditions. harry, you are you gettiyo are mood? >> i walk by there almost every single day. especially now with the tourists, the surge is down a little, how would be a great day you could walk right in there, never have to wait, skate for hours and hours. one of the most beautiful places in the world. coming up, imagine cutting your energy costs at home using only your computer. we'll take an exclusive look at microsoft's new program that will help you go green around the hoist and save some green while you're at it. >> we'll continue the theme and
8:31 am
give you great holiday gift idea, each of them under $100. and there's some great ones there. but first let's check back in with lonnie quinn a n. for dave price today with a file check of the weather. good morning. i just can't get that victoria secret maggie rodriguez image out of my mind. weather-wise, here's what we see. new york city today, doing okay. but there is a cold front pushing toward the east coast so the entire east coast sees some rain. how much rain? not a lot of rain. maybe about a quarter of an inch, but it will be widespread. cooler air will be behind it, but the storm to watch is the one around new mexico. looking at tomorrow, those light showers and a few snow showers if new mexico become developing down pours for the mississippi valley and then for the northeast, it will be dry, breezy and cooler behind that cold front and a light mix of rain and snow for the area up around the great lakes. but it remains sunny and
8:32 am
did you see maggie rodriguez on the cat walk? pretty good. harry, inside to you. the couple who crashed the white house party has reportedly been interviewed by the secret service and could face criminal charms, but the big question remain, how could this have happened some joining us from jack sonville, florida is former secret service deputy director bruce bohn. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i want to go back and i want
8:33 am
you to imagine you're in the position of the secret service the night of this massive state dinner. now, it's not just secret service there. are there not federal police officers, washington, d.c. police officers around there, too? >> yes, there are. they're on the outer perimeter outside the white house complex and closer in, it there are uniformed division officers, the secret service and then the inner perimeter are the secret service special agents. >> and under normal circumstances for an event like this is there not also supposed to be somebody from the social office of the white house? >> yes, there is. >> and in this case, there apparently was not. so if people come in and present themselves and say we're supposed to get inside, what do you think went wrong? >> i think there was an initial
8:34 am
breakdown at a check-point manned by a secret service uniform division officer's secret service recognized the short coming and has admitted default. and most importantly they have sought to rectify this immediately.and most importantl sought to rectify this immediately. >> from the perspective of the times we live in and the almost omnipresent threat to the white house, this kind of a breach, is it explainable and is it excusable? >> it's not excusable, but we need to take a look at what happens after the initial checkpoint. there are many layers of security within the white house complex and the important thing to remember is that the president or any of our other protectives were never in any danger by virtue of those other layers of security. >> i think about times when i go visit the white house from that
8:35 am
main gate out front, had they always want your social security number days and days in advance. there's somebody on the inside, you put your license through. there's a very elaborate process for people like me to get in and out. it is a little less so in a social event, is it not, or is it really the same? >> in a social event, the manam checks are done before happened, identifying features are given by the people to attend and people are vetted. however, again, the protectives were never in any danger during this event. >> do you suspect somebody will end up getting fired as a result of this? >> i would hope not. i know director sullivan has admitted the mistake, has worked feverishly to rectify that mistake, and we have to keep in mind that the secret service has vetted over $7 million in the
8:36 am
recent past during the campaign and has acted almost flawlessly. >> bruce, we thank you very much for your expertise this morning. tracking how much energy your family uses could soon be just a double which i can away. here with an exclusive look at a very cool new computer program is natali del conte, she is senior editor at cnet. >> well, green is in and with energy prices on the rise, technology comes are trying to help consumers conserve. this it new program is called microsoft home. it works with your power company to track and monitor energy use. and also give you tips on how to safe. so we asked a family in sacramento, california to test it out. >> the economy just really hit everybody. and we needed to find a way to try to safe money. >> reporter: the goddard family spends loads doing laundry. their power company recently suggested changing the time of day they do the wash to shrink their bills.
8:37 am
>> so this is me after 10:00 at night doing my laundry. so i stayed up late and i get up early so i can dry it. >> reporter: they also hope to save money by replacing their light bulbs with compact flur recent sebtss. but with unpre-iktable energy price, they cooperate tell if their changes were saving either money or energy. >> we have to pay attention here. >> reporter: the early show asked the goddards to try a new program called microsoft home to find out. >> what type of energy is it your water heater use? we use natural gas. >> reporter: microsoft hohm's online survey evaluates every detail of a home's energy use. >> we're 16% complete. >> that's it? >> reporter: that survey about the appliances they own suggested ways chee save money. >> this is our refridge trat tore in our garage. the problem is that koort to our survey, it is something that we need to really seriously look at to get rid of. >> reporter: the hohm software also monitors the goddard's use
8:38 am
of gas and electricity over the internet. the family learned by combining laundry load, they could reduce resource use and save money. >> me and my dad combine our laundry now. >> reporter: another change which could add to the estimated $240 they saved last year. >> we'd be spending more money, that's true. >> reporter: microsoft and google both have programs like this in development. if your power company is not participating, you can input your family's energy data manually, but i warn you, it's a long process, so set aside an entire afternoon. >> and you'll use a lot of computer power that day i guess. >> i guess so. and then you'll know how much commuter power you used. >> so how do you know if your power company is participating or not? >> you come go to the website, it's or google might be participating, as well. swlsh power meter. and if your company is not, again, you can do it yourself or call your power company and say i like this idea, can we do
8:39 am
something like that about sglp did you find any other tips to cop serving pow sner. >> the good thing about this is that you can social network with other people who are using this so you can share tips. so tips such as use one of those power savers so that you plug all your gadgets in and then when you leave at the end of the day, flip that off. also make sure that you've weather-safed your home so they're not working koefr time. and if you find more tip, you can share them with your friends. >> it's collaborative, interactive. >> it is. a lot like dieting. the more you though about your habits, the more likely you'll make better choices. >> thank you. to help you make the best choice, we'll put all this on the web. early the cbs news magazine 6 on minutes oig and vanity fair magazine are out with a brand new poll taking the pulse of america on all sorts of interesting matters. and here with the results are
8:40 am
cali and michael. good morning. so we have a bunch of interesting questions that you polled to get answers to. maggie is back on the coach with us now. i want to start with it this very first one, which i think is terrific. which is who would be the next face to put on mt. rushmore? >> we gave americans seven options for the hypothetical fifth slot including our current president, barack obama, as well as fdr, jfk, ronald reagan. so what do you think? >> do you want to guess first? >> i think if you know anything about history, you'd have to do fdr because he serveded four term. but i think given our current population, most people probably said kennedy. >> i've got to believe it's got to be between kennedy and fdr. >> you're right, it is jfk. people want to further that camelot feeling.
8:41 am
but ronald reagan got second place, so he was the highest of the republicans. but about 16% wanted our current president, barack obama, even though he hasn't even served a full year in office. >> that's unbelievable. maybe just because of the historic significance of hick being african american. >> could be a little premature, maybe like that nobel prize.hic. >> could be a little premature, maybe like that nobel prize. >> number two, you asked people about the two words we now hear constantly, public option. and you asked if people can actually explain what the public option is. can they? >> it was a yes or no question. yes, they can, but not that many. only 26% of people were confident they could explain it. 66% said no, they can't explain it. so a little bit of a problem there for something we're all supposed to be debating, that there's this lack of understanding. >> so if you're at party and you want to imrecent your friends, is there a nut shell definition? >> in a nutshell oig, it's pretty simple. it's a government-run health
8:42 am
plan that is supposed to compete with the private insurers to establish affordable rates for health insurance. now, we'll see about it passes or not and we'll see if it has those calls. >> and a lot say that's a lot more to it, but, yes, that is a nut shell definition. >> we have a ding-ding-ding that we give when you have a right answer. we'll clothrow it in there. you asked people what musical act they would least like to listen to at painfully high volume and the choices are -- >> writ any smeers, ac/dc, eminem, nine inch nails, and the bee gees. and this spawns from a serious question because there's reports that detaineesed had to listen music at high volumes. so who would you find more horrifying. >> there's a difference between
8:43 am
what people answer on a poll and what your open personal -- >> give your personal. >> should you give your answer. >> your personal. >> what would make me absolutely completely out of my mind crazy if at extreme high volumes for long periods of time is this probably the bee gees. >> and i would say nine inch nails. >> i agree. but americans actually said britney spears. i think they're just peicking o her. >> only 6% says bee gees. because the bee gees are soothing. so could you tayou could take i? >> really all of them would be bad at high volumes. >> this is a fun one, too. >> which lost artifact would you most like to find? >> there are a lot of good ones out there, but the choices we gave were amelia earhart's plane, cleo pat take's barge, noah's ark, the lost city of
8:44 am
atlantis or richard nixon's 18 1/2 minute tape. >> atlantis. >> i think atlantis just because it doesn't really exist. on the other hand, noah's ark because there are been giant expeditions to try to find it. so i think that might be the one. >> what do you think? >> are you in the majority, harry. it's noah's ark in a landslide, 43%. and then 18% for atlantis. and everything else behind that. but, yeah, people are still hoping to find that lost artifact. >> very cool. cali, michael, thank you so much. for the complete poll, just go 60 where you can see cali and michael's web show. also check out the upcoming issue on news stands december 2nd. innext, from chocolates to
8:45 am
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this morning we've got some of the hottest presents you said $100. here to share them with us is david gregg who never ever ever disappoints. good morning. >> good morning. the pressure is on. >> right off the bat, you did great because everybody loves the wii. >> now, if you notice there's an extra word after would of a wiis plus. this is an actual gaming system that interested adults when it first came out. kids not so much. now they have a game that includes skateboarding and also
8:48 am
one with kung fu going on with it about so that very interactive and it employs right down there the wii fit pad. so all this for understa $100. >> so this is not the console. >> this is the game plus the wii fit pad. obviously with cyber monday, we're giving msrps, but a lot of the time between $10, $20 savings if you shop around. >> let's make coffee. >> this is a kurig all in one coffee maker. you don't have to get the coffee out, fill it up. it uses these little cups and it has a reservoir on the side, holds about 48 ounces of water. two different sized coffees that you can make or teas or hot this is $100.
8:49 am
this is the full sized version. and i defy people to really tell the difference between this and store bought coffee. and at about 40 cents as cup -- >> these work really well. >> i have one in my office about if you want to use it. you're welcome to it. okay. now, what's this? >> and this is from fuji. at first glass nce it looks lik kid's camera, but this is a digital camera that has a built-in printer. it's like a digital polaroid but from fuji. you basically look through the view finder as opposed to a big picture view finder and then to take your picture, you push the button. it has a built-in flash and the picture will actually print right out at the top. >> i miss polaroid. >> if you take a look right here, i'll give this one to you. >> shake. that's a myth. >> no, you don't have to shake it. but this is about $96 for this. and if you look right here, we
8:50 am
have examples that my producer took earlier and you can see they look pretty decent. >> they look pretty good. very retro, too. i love it. >> give you s you that instant gratification. this you can wear like jewelry. it has a little hole right there. also by the way when you -- >> like hanging from your mek? >> like a necklace. also of course has full qwerty keyboard and also a verizon navigator, so it will act as a gps. $99. you do need a two year agreement with verizon to use ta phone. >> very cute. >> this is from rca, the little wonder. and it's probably the world's smallest hd camcorder.
8:51 am
look at the thinness. what's also great about it besides its simbly tis of how you work it with just one touch button, it has a function where you can uphoed your individuloa youtube and if you put a micro sd card it expand the memory, you can record up to eight hours of hd quality. on this little thing, eight hours of hd. which 32 gig card if you've got it in there, it will do it. and i found this on amazon for about $84. >> that's great. >> excellent price. >> with all due, i've heard these stink. >> this is from duracell. you have he's differe you have these different sleeves and there's different plugs. you put your device in here up to four different ones and it will transfer the juice directly from the pad in to your device. so you don't immediate to plug
8:52 am
in the cord anymore. this one does work. you have to hook it up properly. harry was septemb harry was skeptical. i did try it. 80 bucks. and finally, amazing has gift of the month. and we have simples here. coffee, hot sauces, chocolates. anywhere between $87 to about $100, they accepted you two of each over the category of three months. or you can expand further. >> i love it, but you never do it for yourself. >> and it's a surprise every month. >> it works. it really works. >> for more on these items, go to our earlyshow.cbsnews.c and they're all under 100 bucks. let me see the picture. have a great day, everyone. your local news is next.
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i'm kim martucci. doppler is showing rain up i- 81. martins before and leesburg will be under the rain within the next 20 minutes. look at the radar loop. a lot more lining up. today offers a wet one. folks south and east northern neck will not see rain until later this afternoon. as for the temperatures not too bad. in the 50s. this is where we will stay today. yesterday we had those nice 60s here. they are going to be a thing of the past. get used to 50s. some rain today. we will squeeze in a dry day tomorrow before more rain gets here toward the end of the week. five minutes from the 9:00 a.m. show. we are working a traffic alert out of wheaton, maryland.
8:56 am
that's where we begin a live shot from sky 9. a water main break burst open and caused flooding that shut down dale street. take a look there. it is flooding the roadway. this is between hugins drive. we have crews on the scene. they are working throughout the morning to get this under control. we will have more at the 9:00 show. 270 southbound is clearing out. slow around the falls road area and 66 eastbound main delay from 123 to the beltway and good news muncaster mill road reopened after being shut down all morning because of that serious accident involving a motorcyclist. back to you, kim. >> thank you. here's the seven-day forecast. rain today. dry tomorrow. and by thursday afternoon, wednesday afternoon, thursday, even more rain is coming in. the 9:00 show is up next. we'll see you there. (announcer) fall in love with color.
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